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Be vigilant of fraudulent job postings

It has come to our attention that scammers have recently been engaged in fraudulent job recruitment communications made to look like they were from PSA BDP. The purpose of this activity is to mislead the recipient into believing you are applying for or obtaining employment within our organization, for the scammers to obtain personal information such as bank details.

We take these accounts of fraudulent activity very seriously. Scammers can also go to great lengths to make the opportunity seem legitimate with company names, official logos, etc. Our team recommends that you are hyper-vigilant in any job search activities.

For any PSA BDP career opportunities, please remember:

  • All available and legitimate job postings are on our Careers page

  • Any jobs that do not link to this site are not from PSA BDP.

  • PSA BDP HR/Recruitment Teams will never ask our applicants for payment as a condition of employment. There is never a fee associated with any part of the recruitment process.

  • Be cautious of job postings that ask you to send your resume to a free email address (e.g.,, etc.). All communications from PSA BDP will end in or 

  • Our team conducts phone, video teleconference, and in-person interviews; never over text message or email.