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The world of international trade involves a multitude of shifting regulations and increasing risk.

In a world that’s changing by the second with government agencies requiring more and more information from shippers, you can’t leave anything up to chance. Our Global Trade Management (GTM) team has a proven history of minimizing trade compliance risk and ensuring supply chains move efficiently.

An extension of your team

We offer assistance to importers and exporters to implement and manage a robust Customs compliance program while leveraging our extensive knowledge and industry experience, providing viable compliance solutions for your business. Our team can assist your organization with certifications in CTPAT, AEO, and other government programs, as well as Harmonized System (HS) Classification assignment and validation.

Think of our logistics company team as an extension of your own; we know the intricacies of your business and logistics industry regulations, providing you with the full scope of our expertise. We are also well versed in Free Trade Agreement qualifications and issuances and work directly with our customers to ensure your business is maximizing the opportunities available to you.

Solutions to help you minimize risk

Key Services

Classification Management

Customs Advisory

  • Customs Valuation

  • First Sale

  • Customs Import & Export Audits & Investigations

  • Compliance Health Checks

  • Duty Reliefs, Drawbacks and Exemptions

  • Broker Management

  • Data Analytics

FTA Management

  • FTA Qualification

  • Rules of Origin Determination

  • Preferential Certificate of Origin

  • Supply chain re-engineering for FTAs

Regulatory Consulting

  • Strategic Goods Controls

  • Supply chain security programs (CTPAT & AEO)

  • Trade Compliance Outsourcing

  • Non-tariff barriers

  • Dispute resolution

Digitalization & Automation

Don't leave anything to chance.

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A complex supply chain requires comprehensive solutions. We can help.

Global world network


Customs Brokerage

We mitigate compliance risk through diligent processes, clearing the way for your shipments.

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