Specialized logistics services for the electric vehicle sector

Offering industry leading solutions at every step of the EV journey

Specialized battery logistics

Delivering tailored logistics solutions for every step in the battery lifecycle, from production to recycling.

At PSA BDP, we design and operate end-to-end battery supply chains, offering specialized, efficient, and safe battery logistics services.

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Key Services for Electric Vehicle Logistics

EV Supply Chain

EV Supply Chain
  • Network Design: Design of the most efficient supply chain solution by considering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reducing CO2 footprint.
  • Packaging & Monitoring: Optimized packaging solutions for batteries and raw materials, coupled with real-time monitoring for enhanced efficiency.
  • Machinery & Optimization: Project cargo solutions for oversized, overweight, and out-of-scope freight.
  • Contract Logistics: Design, construction, and management of warehouses customized to the unique needs of our clients.
  • Customs & Trade Compliance: Export/Import services facilitated by our in-house team.
  • Transport: Comprehensive transportation solutions, including ocean, air, barge, rail, truck services, and tailored intermodal products.

  • Supply Chain Visibility: Full transparency and visibility across the entire supply chain, empowering informed decision-making.

  • 4PL: Implementation of continuous improvement programs to streamline supply chain processes, reduce costs, and overcome logistical challenges.

  • Recycling Services: Managing production scrap and end-of-life recycling, supporting sustainable practices alongside gigaplant operations.

  • Sustainability: Utilizing advanced software for emissions tracing throughout the product lifecycle and conducting simulations for optimized sustainability strategies.

PSA BDP’s specialized EV battery warehouse in Dunkirk, France

Dedicated/specialized EV battery warehouse

22.000 sqm bonded warehouse to store batteries (DG class 9) and raw materials for battery production within close proximity to the Dunkirk port.

Dunkirk Warehouse Drone Shot

Highest safety & security standards

Purposely built facility, fully equipped for safe and compliant battery handling and storage.

PSA BDP Electric Vehicle Logistics –the electric vehicle warehouse in Dunkirk.

Specialized value-add EV services

PSA BDP offers a broad range of value-added services tailored to EV batteries, including OCV testing & (dis)charging, repackaging.

PSA BDP Electric Vehicle Logistics –the electric vehicle warehouse in Dunkirk.

PSA BDP Dunkirk Warehouse

PSA BDP Dunkirk Warehouse