BDP Webinar: Anti-Corruption Compliance - A Proactive Approach to Maintaining a Successful Program That is Built to Last

November 19, 2020

Event Details

November 19, 2020

11:00am - 12:00pm

via webinar

BDP's Catherine Muldoon and Mark Mendelsohn from Paul, Weiss will lead this session, addressing how the Department of Justice's (DoJ) guidance and recent decisions along with the current global landscape have impacted compliance programs and how companies must strategize. Topics will include: Incorporating the DOJ’s 2020 guidance into creating and maintaining an effective compliance program; Identifying red flags of critical risks from recent DOJ decisions and continually implementing lessons learned; How the COVID-19 pandemic and employees working remotely have impacted compliance programs; Performing due diligence to detect and address risks posed by third-party vendors; Steps to maintain an adequately trained and educated workforce (remote and frontline); Demonstrating ongoing compliance through mechanisms of self-assessment, auditing, reporting, monitoring, and internal investigations; Strategies to foster a culture of ethics and compliance that anticipates future risks.