Navigating Complexity: Strategies for a Streamlined and Optimized Supply Chain

June 5, 2024

Communication technology for internet business. Global world network and telecommunication on earth and IoT. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Event Details

June 5, 2024

1:00pm - 2:00pm

via Webinar

If you are a supply chain or transportation director looking for new ways to adjust your logistics to better support your customers, this session is not to be missed. Attendees will glean insights from PSA BDP experts on ways to leverage technology to streamline and optimize your supply chain. Gain a competitive edge by learning about cutting-edge strategies and innovative tools that can transform your supply chain, ensuring resilience and customer satisfaction in an ever-evolving market.

Your Host

Borja Diez

Head of LLP and Solutions, PSA BDP


Grant Koch

Director of Solutions and Innovation, PSA BDP