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About Arkema


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  • Arkema is a specialty chemicals and advanced materials company headquartered in Colombes, near Paris, France, with a strategic vision to become a leader in Specialty Materials by offering its customers the most sustainable and innovative solutions to meet their needs.

The Challenge

Approximately 50% of Arkema’s export products are classified as dangerous goods, which bring a heightened level of complexity to the shipping process. Due to the sensitive nature of the materials, Arkema sought a partner with an expertly proven track record for the handling of dangerous goods. Prior to working with PSA BDP, Arkema utilized the services of several freight forwarders. Although each provider was aware of the rules and regulations surrounding the movement of dangerous goods, Arkema aimed to streamline the business by working with a partner that could provide the highly specialized knowledge and expertise required to harmonize operational procedures.  

Arkema also has direct service agreements with ocean carriers, so the need to incorporate the service of a Lead Logistics Provider who could effectively and efficiently execute the booking process while leveraging their carrier relationship was apparent. With so many different moving parts, Arkema required a single service provider who could navigate the complexity of their diversified array of shipping lanes (300 ports of discharge) while managing their intricate product portfolio of specialized dangerous goods. 

The Solution

Together with representatives from Arkema, PSA BDP’s France team of expertly trained members developed a process to standardize operational procedures across the varying business units. By leveraging the global footprint of its global network, we provided global reach with local expertise. Our team members at offices close to Arkema sites were able to properly vet and consider all unique local mandated requirements for exports to ensure a streamlined facilitation process. Additionally, dedicated account managers assist with channeling each request, leading to improved communication among global production sites.  

By partnering with PSA BDP, Arkema has established a stronger position in the ocean carrier market for leveraging rates and capacity needs, enhanced compliance processes, and greater visibility and control of a very complex supply chain. Integrating a new site or acquisition no longer brings the challenges it once did, as PSA BDP teams are well-versed in the intricacies required for each individual site or product.

“Thanks to [PSA BDP’s] proactive and flexible approach,we are able to deploy creative and alternative solutions when problems arise, whether it’s a strike, lack of equipment, or even a global pandemic,” noted Yves Antoine, Director Global Logistics Procurement, Arkema. 


We have [‘One PSA BDP’] in front of us as opposed to many different providers, with an in-depth knowledge of Arkema and our unique shipment requirements, right down to the site level. The partnership is effective, because we are also ‘One Arkema,’ despite a wide array of complexities, diversity, and of course, a large geographical scope.

Didier Bellon, Head of Maritime and Airfreight Procurement, Arkema

Customer Benefits

  • Experienced shipping provides quicker, more dependable delivery

  • Access to PSA BDP’s global network, expertise, global process & systems 

  • Automation & standardization of operational processes 

  • Smooth integration into existing operational processes 

  • Minimized supply chain impact

  • Proactive approach

Services & Technologies Used

  • Lead Logistics Provider – Ocean  

  • Freight Forwarding 

  • Airfreight 

  • Fleet Management  

  • CHB   

  • Bonded Warehousing operations   

  • Container Drayage