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  • Belchim Crop Protection NV (Belchim) was founded in 1987, focusing on producing diverse formulations for the market, specifically by creating unique, cost-effective solutions for growers of high-value fruit, vegetables, and specialty crops.

The Challenge

When Belchim expanded its presence to North America in 2017, the organization was in need of expertise and guidance when it came to the intricacies involved with imports coming from Europe and the United Kingdom and the stringent requirements of government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A new team coupled with an expanded presence in the United States required the highest level of industry expertise and knowledge.

When the EPA was blocking an import of research products and in some cases returning the shipments to Europe, Belchim knew they needed a partner who was well-versed in regulatory and compliance knowledge. Additionally, the team lacked a method for maintaining complete visibility of their international order pipeline, making for difficulties with forecasting and distribution.

Enter PSA BDP, who came highly recommended by an industry peer as a proven leader within the agricultural chemical sector.

The Solution

The need for classification expertise was more than apparent for Belchim. As such, our teams, in conjunction with Belchim researchers, initiated a full analysis of Belchim’s products. This included cuticle supplements, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and soil surfactants, to name a few, along with all requirements for proper US Customs and EPA requirements.

This exploratory phase of detailed vetting and preparation allowed for Belchim’s successful establishment as an importer and avoided downstream costs associated with penalties and improper compliance.

When the visibility of their supply chain remained a challenge, Belchim knew they needed to assemble a formalized system to keep track of their pending shipments, their shipments in transit, and their delivered orders. They again sought the expertise of PSA BDP and began utilizing Smart Chemical® to manage their shipments.


Because of our partnership with [PSA BDP,] we have the confidence and comfort in knowing the correct procedures are being followed and product will be delivered in a timely manner.

Jeff Carl, Supply Chain Manager - Belchim Crop Protection, USA

With Smart Chemical®, Belchim has a single-system view of their international orders which allows informed decision-making for more streamlined planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. For a company that sees 75% of employees spending their days in the fields or evaluating turf and hardscapes, their operations can focus more on customer strategy versus manually overseeing their international orders.

“Because of our partnership with [PSA BDP,] we have the confidence and comfort in knowing the correct procedures are being followed and product will be delivered in a timely manner,” said Jeff Carl, Supply Chain Manager - Belchim Crop Protection, USA. “I would not have been able to import our products over the last two years without [PSA BDP’s] help.”

Thanks to increased visibility, Belchim gains enhanced predictability, which in turn supports better inventory levels and prevents delays with end customer deadlines on sample shipments, research material, and inventory.

During the unprecedented time in the world’s history with COVID-19, Belchim USA has invested in their deep relationships with growers and believe in the utmost importance to supply everyone with access to fresh produce, making shipment visibility more critical than ever.

“Through their flexibility and expertise, [PSA BDP] has been a great strategic partner that has supported us through these challenging times,” noted Jeff Carl, Supply Chain Manager -Belchim Crop Protection, USA.

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time tracking of shipments

  • Experienced shipping provides quicker, more dependable delivery

  • Customs expertise speeds import clearance times

  • Systems excellence to support business

  • Experienced staff

  • Forward-thinking focus

  • Flexible and intuitive solutions

  • Proactive approach

Services & Technologies Used

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  • Smart Chemical®