Building a partnership with the world’s largest building materials company

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  • Saint-Gobain began as a glass manufacturer in 18th century France and has since expanded into the world’s largest building materials company.

The Challenge

With multiple business units handled by different logistics companies, obtaining the full scope of total logistics spend, as well as material sourcing and top tradelanes proved to be most difficult. Saint-Gobain needed a single source platform for collecting and analyzing the information.

The Solution

Our partnership with Saint-Gobain began in 2014, where Saint-Gobain started utilizing Smart Suite® technology to effectively capture and analyze total spend, as well as provide total visibility into the logistics process as a whole.

Saint-Gobain’s goal was to examine their logistics process at a very high level, especially from the financial aspect. With multiple business units sourcing from multiple plants shipping to 48 countries across the world, their previous process was not effective. With large amounts of money being spent yearly on costs, Saint-Gobain wanted to ensure the business was placed within the right partner’s hands.


This is a huge amount of dollars we spend every year, and we want to put that in the right hands. We’ve done that by partnering with BDP.

Elisabeth Fornés, Global Supply Chain & Compliance Manager, Saint-Gobain

BDP & Saint-Gobain Case Study

BDP & Saint-Gobain Case Study

Smart Suite®

Thanks to Smart Suite® technology and its comprehensive reporting, Saint-Gobain has a full scope of logistics services rendered, including a full view of compliance-related reporting that provides complete visibility and high-level shipment data. In addition, Saint-Gobain is able to consolidate shipments, providing overall cost savings. By working with our dedicated team, Saint-Gobain is now able to better manage their logistics operations with the flow of information sourced from the single platform of BDP Smart®. Saint-Gobain was truly impressed with the commitment of the PSA BDP logistics company, acting as extensions of their team rather than a separate entity. Elisabeth Fornés, Global Supply Chain & Compliance Manager said the Saint-Gobain team could feel the palpable difference in working with PSA BDP.


In my career, I’ve seen great companies serving logistics. But not to the point where you feel that comfort and trust that we get with [PSA BDP].

Elisabeth Fornés, Global Supply Chain & Compliance Manager, Saint-Gobain

Customer Benefits 

  • Real-time tracking of shipments

  • Centralized monitoring system

  • Increased visibility

  • Systems excellence to support business

  • Experienced and dedicated staff

  • Flexible and intuitive solutions

  • Proactive approach

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