Helping a leading global electronics company to power through coronavirus disruptions

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The Challenge

The coronavirus COVID-19 has officially spread to nearly 90 countries worldwide. As such, the transportation industry has experienced significant disruptions as a result of the virus.

According to a recent market intelligence firm analysis, the electronics industry stands to feel some of the harshest repercussions of the coronavirus, with upstream supply chains left completely vulnerable.  

The Solution

When a global electronics company sought our assistance to assess their supply chain in light of the coronavirus outbreak, we sprang into action. The contingency management team coupled with a customer control tower worked alongside the customer to perform a complete and thorough analysis of potential bottlenecks, the status of factory production, port operations, and responsive measures to ship goods from plants in China across the globe.  


[PSA BDP] has gained longevity as our trusted partner, due in large part to their willingness to engage in the most difficult situations to provide alternatives and align on a plausible course of action. In challenging environments, such as the recent coronavirus outbreak, [PSA BDP] remains very customer focused, providing value through information, analysis and the hands-on approach of the team globally.

Director, Global Logistics Sourcing

Count on the commitment from PSA BDP to protect your supply chain, even in the wake of unpredictable disruptions. We leverage our comprehensive contingency management processes, dedicated global teams, and advanced technologies to keep critical, time-sensitive, and complex value chains moving.