A fruitful partnership for global expansion

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About the Case Study


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  • Air Transportation
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  • When a major fruit producer needed to expand their global network as a result of increased demand, they sought a partner who could design a solution to move their product efficiently and effectively, all while maintaining impeccable product integrity.

The Challenge

A major fruit producer in North Africa embarked on a growth strategy, extending its global presence to new international markets and thus witnessing a substantial increase in shipment volumes of blueberries and avocados. To better support their customers, they required a speed-to-market strategy that leveraged immediate harvest, transit to the airport, and timely delivery to global markets in order to maximize freshness and prolong product shelf life. Recognizing the growing demand for a proficient global third-party logistics partner, the company aimed to solidify its position in new markets and address the intricacies of air transportation.

The Solution

PSA BDP’s extensive network and established relationships with airlines proved to be essential to addressing the unique challenges this company faced in their global expansion journey. PSA BDP developed the following solutions to optimize the customer’s supply chain:

  • Efficient Air Solutions and Analytics: PSA BDP was instrumental in finding the best routing and ensuring that the high-quality fruits remained in optimal condition from end-to-end. Working together with PSA BDP’s network in Netherlands and Belgium, the PSA BDP team in Morocco performed a routing study of European airports and were able to identify the best airport of transit to use in Europe, thus resolving capacity issues from the origin airport.

  • Cold Chain Solution: PSA BDP’s solution includes temperature-controlled air transport with a temperature range of 02-08°C for berries, avocados, cherry tomatoes, and other items to ensure their freshness is maintained during storage and delivery.

  • Management of Business Seasonality: PSA BDP developed a strategy with partner airlines to help the company manage fluctuations in production and demand effectively

The Result

A successful market entry into the Middle and Far East that ensures quality and integrity of the fruit producer’s products. Efficient supply chain management and timely deliveries enabled the company to be a reliable supplier, opening new opportunities for growth and expanded services to their end customers. The partnership with PSA BDP has proven to be a successful alliance, enabling the company to conquer new horizons and continue its legacy of delivering the highest quality perishables to consumers across the globe.