RDC and Integrated Logistics Solutions for Nipro Asia's Medical Devices

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The Challenge

Nipro Asia, a prominent medical device manufacturer, faced challenges in efficiently managing their inbound and outbound international freight, while also ensuring the stringent compliance and quality standards required for medical devices. They sought a reliable warehousing solution for their inventory and decided to setup an RDC (Regional Distribution Center) in Singapore that services the Asia Pacific region. Nipro Asia needed a long-term partner who had established and standardized processes that offer predictable, superior service levels across all geographies in order to ensure optimal supply chain performance.

Previous Model: Build to Order

Point to Point Distribution

Previous Model: Built to Order

New Model: Build to Stock

Hub and Spoke Distribution

New Model: Built to Stock

The Solution

The PSA team proposed an integrated logistics solution that leveraged their unique strengths in port management, container services, and contract logistics, providing Nipro Asia with a streamlined and compliant supply chain solution.

PSA’s unique port asset and container management abilities set them apart from other logistics service providers. This expertise allowed for efficient handling of containers at the port, ensuring that shipments move smoothly between different modes of transportation.

Strategically positioned on the west of Singapore (in close proximity to the port), the RDC for this project is fully managed by PSA staff trained to handle the requirements of medical devices in full accordance with ISO13485 standards. This ensures that the handling and storage of medical devices meets the necessary quality requirements, guaranteeing product integrity throughout the supply chain. The warehouse has a capacity of 10,000 pallet positions, including 1,400 pallets of bonded positions. This scalable solution caters to both Nipro Asia’s current requirements and allows for future expansion.

By combining port management, container services, and warehousing expertise, the integrated solution allows Nipro Asia to focus on their core business while entrusting their logistics requirements to a capable and reliable partner that not only addresses their logistical challenges but also ensured compliance, quality, and transparency throughout the supply chain. The streamlined international freight management, strategic location, certified facilities, and trained staff offered a comprehensive value-added proposition that sets the PSA Group apart as a trusted partner for Nipro Asia’s medical device logistics needs.

Goals to Achieve

  • Shorten supply lead time
  • Realization of stable supply
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Customer Benefits

  • Improved efficiency throughout supply chain operations
  • Dedicated transportation resources
  • Reduced lead time
  • Lowered inventory management costs


Working with PSA has proved to be very beneficial for us. From the bonded warehouse services to the regional coverage; we’ve been looking for a partner to grow with us, and PSA is the best choice for our business.

Jun Ito, Supply Chain Manager at Nipro

About Nipro

Nipro Corporation is a Japanese healthcare company that manufactures and sells medical products. Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Osaka, there are 38,770 employees globally as of March,2023. There are four key business units namely Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Pharma Packaging and Regenerative Medicine and they are one of the global market leaders in hemodialysis products from machines to consumables.

Nipro Asia is located in Singapore as one of the six regional headquarters (America, Europe, Middle East, China, India, Asia) located outside Japan. They are responsible for the procurement, sales and distribution activities of the medical device business in more than 18 countries such as Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Southeast Asian countries.