Airlines suspend China flights over coronavirus

Airlines have started suspending flights to China in the wake of a new coronavirus outbreak, which as of Thursday had killed 170 people and infected almost 8,000.

For a full list of airline suspensions, click here.

Update from BDP International: As a reminder, In order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, China’s government has announced the Lunar New Year Holidays will be extended to Feb. 02 across the country. Also, several other municipal and provincial governments have announced further extensions to Feb. 09. BDP offices in those affected areas include BDP Shanghai, BDP Nanjing, BDP Ningbo, BDP Xiamen, BDP Chongqing, BDP Guangzhou, and BDP Shenzen. 

The safety of BDP employees is our top priority, and employees in these regions will be working remotely throughout this period.

This is an evolving situation, and BDP is actively monitoring new developments. We will continue to keep our customers apprised as new details or updates emerge.

Sources: Reuters, BDP International