APL launches new Korea China straits service

October 21, 2017 - APL has launched a new Korea China Straits (KCS) service that will serve the key Asian markets of China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The weekly service will link Nansha in South China to the Straits of Singapore and Port Klang as well as Indonesia; offer superior transit between Indonesia and Manila and call Lianyungang in Jiangsu where few carriers provide access to, says the company.

APL is seeking to fortify its presence in the intra-Asia market, and the move injects new capacity that allows APL to transport shipments from North Asia to its network of ports across Southeast Asia.

The service will be operated with five Panamax vessels through a Vessel Sharing Agreement with Cheng Lie Navigation. Commencing its first southbound sailing from Dalian on November 18, the service will call the ports of Dalian, Xingang, Lianyungang, Kwangyang, Pusan, Shanghai, Nansha, Singapore, Port Klang, Jakarta, Surabaya and Manila.

Earlier this month, APL celebrated its 100th anniversary in the Philippines and restated its commitment to develop the Philippines’ shipping industry. Part of APL’s plan is to identify local partnerships to extend its reach to more outports in the Philippines.

APL currently connects the Philippines with her key trade partners such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, North America, Europe and Singapore amongst others through eight Intra-Asia services.

Amongst these services is the China Southeast Asia Service 5 (CS5), which allows direct shipments between North and Central China and Manila. Other services that are also designed to facilitate the Philippines’ rapid trade growth with China and Southeast Asia include the China Southeast Asia Service 3 (CS3), China Southeast Asia 6 (CS6), Japan Taiwan Service 6 (JT6) and the South Philippines Express (SPX).

The Philippines plays a big role in the carrier’s global shipping operations because it is where APL’s Pricing Administration Center is based. The center is the only center that manages all tariff applications and regulatory compliance for APL’s global business.

Source: The Maritime Executive