BDP enhances functionality of chemical, life sciences apps

February 17, 2016 - BDP International (BDP), one of the world’s leading privately held logistics company and transportation management firms, has enhanced the functionality and overall user experience of its BDPSmart Chemical and Life Sciences applications with the addition of a number of new features.

Launched in September 2015 as new customer-facing applications for the company’s online BDPSmart Suite shipment and order process management/reporting platform, the applications are designed to address the special decision-support needs of BDP customers in these important vertical markets.

The dashboard page now includes widgets for shipment count, weight shipped by month, number of shipments per day and import TEUs by month. The order of widgets can be changed, and widgets added or removed from users’ default views.

In addition, further configuration and drill-down details are provided for the existing on-time arrival and departure widgets, which also include containers per month, documentation distribution, shipment count by export destination region, export TEUs per month, top 10 trade lanes and top TEUs by carrier.

“These new features go further to give BDP clients in the Chemicals and Life Science sectors greater scalability to command and control their international logistics execution processes,” said BDP Chief Commercial Officer Lance W. Malesh. “Our Chemicals and Life Sciences clients will enjoy a broader real-time view and support for globally standardized business processes, and operational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, all of which help reduce total cost.”

The interactive map has been updated to provide users a global view of their top trade lanes and alerts. Users can now view exports or imports and which top trade lanes they want to see by TEU, weight or count. They can also configure their alerts by select/deselect, threshold and unit of measurement.

The BDPSmart Chemical and Life Sciences apps now include tooltips to familiarize users with new features and capabilities, as well as a brief in-app tour to provide an overview of the various widgets and a faster onboarding experience for new users. Users also will have the ability to globally filter by SBU on their profile page.

Originally launched in 2008, BDPSmart provides highly configurable strategic information, as well as tactical, frontline decision-support data through a single-source web portal. It allows shippers to visualize their logistics process and provides performance measurement reports configurable to users’ requirements.

Among its complementary features are:

  • A compliance performance accountability dashboard
  • BDPSmart Vü®, providing procurement and inbound logistics managers unparalleled visibility of milestones in the life cycle of purchase orders
  • BDPSmart Tower® for managing chemical, oil, and gas companies’ fleets of tanks and containers