BDP launches SmartChemical, SmartLife Sciences

BDP International (BDP) has added BDPSmart Chemical and BDPSmart Life Sciences to its Smart Suite shipment and order process management/reporting platform, effective Wednesday.

"All users will experience the new look and feel of BDPSmart that includes a streamlined design with updated logos, icons, and reports to maximize appeal and efficiency for better overall user experience," said BDP Chief Information Officer, Ms. Angela Yochem. "To utilize the new interface, customers will simply log in to Smart and self-select either the Chemical or Life Sciences view from their profile."

Chemical logistics customers, in particular, will have instant access to all pertinent shipment information with a new dashboard tailored specifically to the practices of the international chemical industry. Users will have the option to customize widgets that include on-time arrival; on-time departure; containers per month; document distribution timeliness; shipment count by destination region (export); TEUs per month (export); top 10 trade lanes; and top TEUs by carrier.

Smart Chemical and Smart Life Sciences also offer interactive maps to provide users with a global view of top 10 trade lanes, along with any alerts that may require immediate attention. For instance, if additional data is needed about a particular route or trade lane, the user would simply click that location on the map to receive updates.

"This new release is the next evolution of BDPSmart that gives clients an unprecedented ability to better manage not only their logistics segment but also to have visibility into their order-to-cash cycle," said BDP Chief Sales Officer, Mr. Lance Malesh. "The new dashboards allow for instant access to the data that clients value most, giving them immediate feedback on their most important metrics."

BDP’s Smart Chemical provides extra focus on sensitive shipments with the placement of regulated hazardous placards to allow for instant visibility, keeping all relevant information at the user’s fingertips. Because chemical logistics involves added risk, tracking hazardous cargo is crucial to managing chemical supply chains.

Originally launched in 2008, BDPSmart provides highly configurable strategic information, as well as tactical, frontline decision-support data through a single-source web portal. It allows shippers to visualize their logistics process and provides performance measurement reports configurable to users’ requirements. Among its complementary features is a compliance performance accountability dashboard; BDPSmart Vü® providing procurement and inbound logistics managers unparalleled visibility of milestones in the lifecycle of purchase orders; and BDPSmart Tower® for managing chemical, oil, and gas companies’ fleets of tanks and containers. There are plans to launch additional verticals in the coming months.

Source: Exim News Service/ The Transport Journal/ Global Trade Magazine/ MHW Magazine