BDP Unveils 'Smart Retail' App for Retail and Consumer Markets

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (August 1, 2016) – BDP International, a leading privately held global logistics and transportation services company, today launched Smart Retail, an addition to its BDP Smart Suite® web application suite that allows BDP’s retail and consumer products customers to monitor and manage shipments across their supply chains.

“Smart Retail is a customized experience within BDP Smart Suite for our retail and consumer customers that focuses on what matters most to this business segment,” said Ken Wensel, BDP senior vice president of global sales. “For example, retail customers can follow the cost drivers, the inventory levels and the transportation visibility, from an SKU level all the way up to a carrier level.”

BDP Smart Suite provides highly configurable strategic information, as well as tactical, frontline decision-support data through a single-source web portal. It allows shippers to visualize their logistics process and provides performance measurement reports configurable to users’ requirements.

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BDP Smart Suite of Apps Receives Additional Features, Upgrades
Today’s launch of Smart Retail coincides with more features and upgrades across BDP Smart Suite’s full suite of applications in different market segments, including Smart Classic, Smart Chemical and Smart Life Sciences. Users will notice changes to dashboards, maps, reports, tracking and security. Upgrades include:

Global Vessel Schedule
A new map has been added to Smart Suite to show ocean vessels in route globally. Features include:

  • Display of all ocean vessels at a selected region or port
  • The ability to search an ocean vessel location by Name or IMO number
  • Linkage from Tracking Detail page to show ocean vessel location for a selected shipment


Dashboard and Maps
BDP customers now can display requested estimated time of arrival (ETA) alerts, as well as access shipping reference and purchase order information, all on their alerts map. Additionally, BDP Smart Suite users have new widgets at their disposal, including:

  • Mode of transportation (MOT) breakdown by month
  • Cube and weight utilization
  • Cube utilization goal attainment
  • Port of arrival date vs. customs clearance date
  • Customs release date vs. door delivery date


Tracking Page
Newfound tracking options allow BDP Smart Suite users to select multiple manufacturing plants in their tracking filter, easily identify when BDP is handling both imports and exports, and download tracking details directly to Excel.

All graphs now look and feel the same as what customers currently experience on BDP Smart Suite’s dashboard page. In other reporting upgrades: Customers can set rolling time frames within BDP’s report builder rather than changing dates manually, add hazardous details in customized reports, include origin/destination countries, and switch graphs between import and export views. Users will also notice a quicker generation of metrics and reporting material as a result of Qlik software that will now be utilized in BDP Smart Suite.

Security and Feedback
BDP Smart Suite users will be logged out automatically through a new security feature. Customers also can provide ideas on how to improve the BDP Smart Suite application.