Egypt to implement 'single window' platform

Egypt has issued a new decree no. 149/Y2017 that will implement the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and use the “single window” platform to commence with digital transformation.

Egypt’s implementation is slightly different than other single window platforms already in place around the world.  Please note the following guidelines for all goods, regardless of mode, that will be imported into Egypt. This will affect all parties who ship to Egypt. 

The following important steps need to take place:

  • All exporters need to register online on the platform and create an account - this will provide a registration number
  • Egyptian importers will need to register on the platform and create an account
  • Carriers (ocean or air) will need to register on the platform and create an account with a registration number for advanced filing of bill of lading and manifest details
  • Exporter will file all documents required for clearance into Egypt's single window platform (using the new account) and receive proper details from the customer
  • Egyptian importers, cargo owner, or customs broker will submit the cargo invoice electronically that will have the e-signature, registration number of the exporter/supplier, the ACID number, the HS code, and standard code of the article(s)
  • Egyptian Customs will review shipment for risks and release when all is in order
  • Carrier (ocean or air) must file advanced date (bill of lading and manifest) into the single window platform (draft bill of lading 48 hours prior to vessel departure, final bill of lading within 24 hours of vessel sailing, manifest details filed 48 hours prior to vessel arrival)


The regulation began a pilot program on 4/1/2021 and will be fully enforced by 7/1/2021.

BDP Egypt is your resource for addressing any questions that you may have regarding the implementation of this regulation.

Please contact Mr. Emad Tawfik, Country Manager - Egypt, with any questions or concerns.

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