Important update for moving goods to Pakistan

Many governments issue regulatory changes on how goods may move into their country while allowing extra time for companies to become acquainted with the changes. As such, Pakistan is heightening the enforcement of a regulation that is currently in place, and therefore shippers should take into consideration when preparing goods for this location. Shippers should ensure the following is incorporated into all shipping instructions for Pakistan:

  • Packing list AND invoice must accompany the goods.
  • When goods are loaded into the containers, the documents will need to be posted on the inside door of the container. When goods are loaded onto pallets (not containerized) then documents need to be posted on the pallet.
  • This applies for ALL modes of transport (ocean, air, road) and size (FCL and LCL).

The penalty fee for non-compliance is as follows:

  1. First offense: Approximately $700 USD
  2. Second offense: Approximately $3500 USD
  3. Third offense: Approximately $7000 USD
  4. Fourth offense: Master ID of importer blocked for a full year and confiscation of goods.

Should you have any questions about the enforcement of this regulation, please reach out to your local BDP representative.