India declares nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered all nonessential government offices and private businesses to shut down and all Indians to remain at home for three weeks as the world’s largest democracy ramps up efforts to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

India, a country of 1.3 billion, has 519 confirmed cases of COVID-19 the disease caused by the coronavirus, and 10 deaths as of Tuesday, according to data from the federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

To comply with this government mandate, all BDP offices across the country will be closed for next 21 days.

We have enacted Business Continuity measures; BDP India teams will be working remotely to ensure operational continuity for our customers. 

During this lockdown period only essential service as per the classified sector (such as lifesaving products, COVID-19 related medical, hygiene, medical emergency, food and pharma products or government cargo related to health care) will be allowed to operate with limited resources.

To summarize:

  • All commercial and private establishments shall be closed.
  • All establishments, private companies (except those exempted), will work remotely.
  • Industrial establishments will remain closed.
  • All transport services for passengers-- air, rail, roadways will remain suspended.
  • Seaports, airports and CFS are operating with limited resources for vessel and cargo flight loading and offloading at the terminal. Cargo movement in and out from terminal/CFS is only permitted for essential cargo as stipulated.
  • For any essential cargo (lifesaving products, perishable, food and food-related, medicine and pharma goods),  specific permission for movements is required from the local police and government.
  • Persons moving out of their respective homes are prohibited unless otherwise specifically established that it is only for a medical emergency, for purchase of food, or for essential needs as stipulated.


While employees work remotely, our customs declarations, online export cargo booking, and import eDelivery orders to customers will not be affected.

However, the physical movement of cargo will be impacted. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep customers apprised of any new changes or developments. 

In the meantime, our key customer service and management teams are available should you have any questions or concerns.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, BDP International India