ISF penalties and the Coronavirus

As a result of the extended Lunar New Year holidays as well as the slowdown of activity mandated by the Chinese government in light of the Coronavirus, there has been difficulty obtaining 100% confirmation of an ISF filing.

As such, BDP International has reached out to US Customs and Border Protection for clarification on this matter.

Please find the statement from CBP regarding the subject matter:

"There is no guidance regarding potential relaxation of penalties that may have resulted from the Coronavirus in China, at this time. In the event of a penalty issuance, where it is believed that the Coronavirus was wholly, or in part, a cause, it is recommended that all potential evidence of that be provided in the dispute of the penalty and you may copy the on your correspondence with the local FP&F office." 

We will continue to keep you updated on new developments as they occur.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your local BDP representative.