Canadian Pacific Railway trains halt; work stoppage has begun

Canadian Pacific Railway trains are stopped in their tracks and thousands of workers are picketing after labour talks between the company and the union failed Sunday.

The work stoppage is expected to send shockwaves through the farming and manufacturing industries at a time when the supply chain is already being disrupted by the pandemic and Russia’s war on Ukraine. Politicians and industry leaders are pressuring Ottawa to intervene as the House resumes Monday after a two-week break.

On Wednesday, CP Rail served the the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference — the union representing about 3,000 locomotive engineers, conductors, train and yard workers nationwide — with a 72-hour lockout notice in the wake of unsuccessful bargaining over wages, benefits, pensions and work rules.

A lockout is a work stoppage that’s initiated by the employer during a labour dispute, in contrast to a strike, which is when employers refuse to work.

Hours before the midnight deadline Saturday, the union issued a release saying a lockout was being initiated by management at the Calgary-based railway.

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Source: The Toronto Star

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