Port of Antwerp disrupted by Belgian farmers' protests

Operations at the port of Antwerp, one of Europe's biggest container ports, were seriously impacted on Tuesday as hundreds of farmers on tractors blocked the roads around the port to demand better pay and working conditions, officials said.

The protest follows a large number of similar actions by angry farmers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond, as farmers also demand looser environmental rules and better protection against cheap imports.

"Operations are heavily disrupted," Stephan Van Fraechem, the director of the association of port companies Alfaport VOKA, told Reuters. "No freight can be delivered or picked up, as trucks are halted, while employees are only being allowed in after a long wait."

Van Fraechem said this was costing companies working in the port millions of euros "for a conflict they play no part in."


As this situation is fluid, our team will continue to share updates as they become available. 

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