Shenzhen lifts citywide lockdown

Chinese tech hub Shenzhen has lifted its week-long lockdown while keeping some restrictions in place, as the municipal government says the spread of the virus is coming under control.

The move follows a partial lift of restrictions for five districts in Shenzhen last Friday as President Xi Jinping said China will seek to minimise economic and social disruptions to the economy from its Covid-19-zero policy.

The government in Shenzhen will adopt a differentiated approach among factories to keep the industrial supply chain stable, according to the notice.

Cargo ships are accumulating at one of China’s busiest ports after another Covid-19 outbreak shut down factories and warehouses in Shenzhen, raising the prospect of a new round of bottlenecks that could push up freight rates and slow deliveries.

As of March 19, there were more than 35 ships waiting to dock in Shenzhen and another 30 farther north in Qingdao, according to shipping brokers. The Port of Shenzhen, which serves a major manufacturing and export hub, includes the Yantian terminal, which handles about a quarter of all U.S.-bound Chinese exports.

As of today, all shipping related operations: Carriers, terminal, customs, warehouse (CFS) and trucking are also gradually back to normal. Truck drivers are also required to present a negative COVID test result within 48 hours before they are allowed to enter Yantian and Shekou terminal.   
The Straits Times, Wall Street Journal, BDP International
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