Thailand halts imports of electronic, plastic waste

June 25, 2018 - The Department of Industrial Works (DIW) has issued an order prohibiting imports of electronic and plastic waste. 

The DIW Director-General, Mongkol Pruekwatana, said today his department will now inspect 2,240 recycling factories across the country. 

He said the department has issued a prohibition on further imports of electronic and plastic waste effective immediately, and will be proposing to the Ministry of Industry to issue an indefinite ban on these imports in the near future. 

All seven companies authorised for e-waste imports and 26 companies allowed to import plastic waste are now prohibited from making further imports, while all imported items currently stored at ports will have to go through further inspections. 

To date, 37,000 tons of e-waste has already been imported into Thailand this year, in addition to 120,000 tons of plastic waste. Most of the imported e-waste comprises parts of electronic components and circuit boards, with Singapore, and Hong Kong being the main exporters. 

The DIW is also working with the Customs Department to block any further imports of these items into the country, and will be working with local administrations to inspect all 2,240 recycling factories in the country.

Source: Thai Visa News