YM Efficiency docks at Sydney Terminal after losing 83 boxes

June 14, 2018 - The containership YM Efficiency, which lost over 80 containers in inclement weather conditions off Australia, docked at a terminal in Sydney on June 6.

The vessel berthed alongside the DP World terminal in Sydney around 9 am local time for regular operations, according to the ship’s operator, Taiwan-based Yang Ming.

The company said that further assessment and repair for the damaged containers, as well as necessary inspections, would be conducted at the site.

YM Efficiency was struck by high winds and a heavy swell in the afternoon hours of May 31 while it was on its way to Sydney, Australia.

A total of 83 containers fell overboard and another 26 containers were damaged, Yang Ming said, adding that it has been confirmed that there were no dangerous goods or marine contaminants inside the lost containers.

The container-salvage and debris clean-up operations started from June 2.

BDP International has been actively engaged to determine the status of any potential impact to our customers, and has been in contact with Yang Ming Line who have advised the YM Efficiency (currently at berth at DP World, Port Botany) is expected to maintain its normal rotation. At this stage we do not have an update on the when the vessel will depart Sydney. Please see this update from Yang Ming. As always, please reach out to your local BDP representative should you have any questions or concerns.

Source: World Maritime News, Yang Ming (Australia), BDP International