5 years strong: a reflection

Member of BDP's Business Development Solutions Team spent time learning how to make pizza in Florence after their strategy sessions

I think that in life there are moments in which it is important to stop for a few minutes and think: today is the time to make this thought. 

Five years have passed since that August 25th, 2014 when I first heard the phrase "Welcome in the BDP family.” I immediately breathed a different air; life changed in that moment and has never been quite the same. Having the opportunity to always be in touch with 5000 global colleagues quickly helped me to understand what the difference was from my “previous life”. 

Certainly, as with anything, there have been changes over the years, but behind every successful venture there is someone who has made a courageous decision, and the same goes for BDP. The winning companies characterized by consistently positive and better results than the competition are characterized by the prevalence of long-term logic over short-term ones. They leave no room for "this cannot be done", but they constantly have the customer at the center of everything, and they develop a real obsession in the desire to give them the maximum value, churning out new products and new services faster than the others. The unsuccessful companies, on the other hand, characterized by fluctuating results, the so-called "followers", are content with mediocre results, to follow short-term logics, demonstrating the inability to innovate their products, processes, and people. Being on the winning side is stimulating for me and of enormous inspiration for the future. Joining a team with tremendous knowledge and expertise of the chemical market was very impressive to me, and made me wonder if opening up other new markets could be a further stimulus for my team too. Our teams have done an impressive job to expand our presence into the Life Sciences & Healthcare market, listening to our customers and working directly with them to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of their business models.

The commitment to customer service is unwavering – great service brings great customers.   

I believe that if you take good care of your customers, they will open doors that you could never open by yourself. Of course working in a motivated and flexible team helps me to face the new realities of the current market, so the balance of my first five years in the BDP Family is very positive and I feel ready to face the next challenges and opportunities, while the competitive advantage will be the ability to learn and change faster than others. 

Therefore, happy anniversary to myself; I will celebrate thinking of all my global family members who help me every day and teach me something new and valuable for my work in BDP.