A message from Chairman and CEO, Rich Bolte: The diversity of our employees worldwide is a great strength

The below message from BDP Chairman and CEO, Rich Bolte, was sent to BDP global employees:

As I write this, the United States is at an inflection point - all across the nation, communities are grappling with tragedy, unrest and protests, while grieving an unfathomable loss of life. We’ve also witnessed global communities taking a stand in solidarity to combat injustice. At BDP, it is our unwavering belief that all people are created equally, which is why I remind everyone that there is absolutely no place for racism and intolerance in our society, and especially, in our work environment.  

We are a company of over 5000 diverse individuals. As stated in the BDP Code of Conduct, ‘we believe that the diversity of our employees worldwide is a great strength…’ This diversity defines our culture, strengthens our global bond, and is what makes us so wonderfully unique.  

One of our core values at BDP is that we are a family, not a workforce. And the thing about families is that you celebrate the triumphs together but also support one another through challenges. You share conversations about the good times, but also must confront the difficult conversations, head on. The painful and challenging conversations can be the hardest to start, but often are the ones that yield the most worthwhile results. To that point, without open, honest and transparent conversations both in and out of the workplace acknowledging how we can learn, how we can be better, how we can work together to be a force for good, there can be no progress. 

These are the times that test the very core of society; the part that matters most is how each of us responds. Since the inception of BDP, we have celebrated our diversity and live by our values of inclusion, dignity and respect. All employees are required to sign and adhere to the words stated in our code of conduct: BDP does not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender or sex, national origin, veteran status, age, disability, sexual orientation, familial status or any other characteristic protected from discrimination under law. While we do have measures in place to combat racism and intolerance in the workplace, the reality of it is that we can and must do more. Education starts at home - which is why we are committed to expanding our current educational programs and resources on diversity and tolerance at BDP, to supporting organizations that foster and promote these ideals within our workplaces and communities, and ensuring that our Senior Leaders work closely with our regional teams to make sure that we never stop having these conversations about acceptance and respect for one another.  

Now more than ever, we must come together as an organization to sow kindness, harbor understanding, promote tolerance, and realize the impact of our actions, thoughts, and words. The very core of our organization rests on treating people with dignity and respect – and as a united global family, it is our moral obligation and duty to stand up to those that promote hatred, intolerance, and all forms of oppression.  

While there has been a multitude of pain - especially in recent days and weeks - together we can promote and be the catalyst for healing by engaging in positive change, by listening to one another, and by treating one another with kindness, patience, and understanding. We are a family, not a workforce, and together we must ignite the change. 

Take care of one another and please, stay safe.