A Whale of a...Trophy!

Customer Service Week is an annual tradition that recognizes the outstanding efforts and commitments of PSA BDP teams around the world. Each day, our teams focus on a specific pillar (Innovation, Diversity, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability) and celebrate the achievements and milestones of our team members. 

This year, the PSA BDP Sustainability Team presented Sustainability Awards through “Sustainability Whale Tails” to those members of the organization who have gone above and beyond to support and drive our sustainability goals.

These team members were recognized during Customer Service Week for their contributions and efforts to promote further and raise awareness surrounding green initiatives at PSA BDP through local events and initiatives. The six awards (and four honorable mentions) were announced during an internal webinar session hosted by Peggy Murphy, Global VP of Sustainability.

These inaugural awards are especially unique and symbolic, as they have been designed and handcrafted by Jeff Curran (OPs Training Liaison) using 100% natural materials (reclaimed barn wood) with laser engravements, finished with shellac (an all-natural waxy secretion from the lac bug). The goal is to make these awards a yearly event, with individuals from around the globe participating in the development and creative process.

Fun fact: The whale also symbolizes wisdom, longevity, and power, and the Sustainability Team felt that this was a more fitting representation of PSA BDP’s sustainability goals versus purchased products. Although the whale is technically a mammal, it also aligns with our FISH culture!

We salute all of our winners and honorable mentions for their outstanding commitment to furthering and promoting our sustainability initiatives at PSA BDP:

  • 6 regional awards

    • Zhan Dao Ming, Asia (North)

    • Bharat Pawar, Asia (South)

    • Filip Foncke, Europe

    • Efigenia Guerra, LATAM

    • Gozde Akinci, META

    • Julie Trujillo, North America

  • 4 honorable mentions

    • Marcia Lyssy

    • Vincent Ng

    • Peter Boltje

    • Blanca Martinez