BDP Brazil adds Authorized Economic Operator to accolades

BDP Brazil

At the end of July 2018, BDP Brazil received the official certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (OAE, locally). The process to achieve this status did not come without challenges, as our team has worked diligently for the past 3 years to review the processes and procedures in all areas. Once the initial analysis took place, our team acted and decided on an action plan that involved formalizing procedures, monitoring KPIs carefully, registering all non-conformances that took place within the process, and finally, creating a strategy to correct and prevent potential process disruptions.

This certification, given by Brazilian Customs, applies to BDP’s transportation products. Services include all air and sea freight transport, and the qualification process involved a series of interviews and audits with Brazilian Customs authorities.  It’s also important to note that BDP Brazil has received the OEA-security certification, of which the primary focus is, security.

The team from BDP Brazil was required to answer intricate questions about the daily business practices across the operations, finance, human resources, and IT departments.

There must be strict adherence to certain criteria, and thanks to BDP Brazil’s efforts to consistently maintain a level of compliance (the team has also implemented ISO 9001 requirements), we received this great recognition from Customs.