BDP Cartagena & Centro de Vida

Matthew White, VP of HR, and Karen Forero, HR Director, visit with residents at the Centro de Vida in Cartagena.

Recently, members of BDP Cartagena spent time visiting the Fundación para el desarrollo Integral de Cartagena (Foundation for the Integral Development of Cartagena), specifically, their Centro de Vida, which focuses on providing assistance to the elderly. Earlier in the year, the team in Colombia had organized a donation drive for the center, so this particular outing to the Centre was especially rewarding as we could see first hand how our donations made a significant impact for the Centro. 

During our visit, we did some clean-up work in the main courtyard area, including planting a garden for the residents, and we built a wall to separate the courtyard from a vacant lot to provide additional safety for the residents. Additionally, we saw the plantain and papaya trees that the Centro planted with the money from our donation in May. We had 20 BDP employees from our Cartagena office participate in the event, but all members of the office donated to the cause. The residents were so appreciative of the work our team did, but we were the true benefactors - the joy our team felt in giving back to such a wonderful organization is immeasurable. 

We were first introduced to the Centro and its mission through our Country Manager, Enrico Benedetti, as his mother is very involved with the organization. When seeking out projects or initiatives for BDP Cares, our team seeks projects that focus on giving back to children and seniors, and on improving their quality of life. Working with the Centre de Vida was a natural fit for us, and we look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship with them. 

As an organization, we pride ourselves in living our values, which includes giving back to the communities in which we work and live.

For our team in Colombia, working with local organizations through BDP Cares initiatives strengthen our culture, our team relationships, and most importantly, our local communities. Our goal is to coordinate these types of events on a quarterly basis so that we may continue making a difference and giving back to those who need it.