BDP Launches Business Innovation Competition, “BDP Fusion”

BDP Fusion business plan competition finalists from BDP Antwerp

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the logistics industry. The way in which we connect in the global marketplace is drastically changing, thanks to advancements in the field of AI and machine learning, and an industry wide push to develop autonomous technology in trucks and vessels.

Today’s global economic environment demands a new breed of businesses to emerge: ones that not only navigate change, but have the ability to change the world. Those who don't change to meet the future, won't survive to meet the future.

“Now is our time to innovate,” comments BDP CEO, Rich Bolte, “to be a disruptive force and go the extra mile. We have the chance to make our mark on the industry and to make the BDP Experience unforgettable.”

The competition was first launched in 2009, but following the launch of our strategic plan ‘BDP 2020’, Fusion was reinvigorated for 2017. “‘Disrupting through Innovation’ and ‘Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders’ are two of the main cornerstones of our 2020 strategy,” adds Lyssy, “and what better way to inspire and innovate than to give employees a platform to write their own business plans and present them to the shareholders?”

This year’s competition opened in April, encouraging employees from across the organization to participate and share their ideas on how BDP could better meet the industry's present or future demands.

After several rounds of intense competition, the top three finalists were invited to BDP’s headquarters in Philadelphia to present their winning concepts to a panel of judges - made up of BDP's senior leadership team - for possible investment by the company. The finalists were BDP Innovators from across the globe, including:

  • John Chau from BDP Hong Kong

  • Laurence D'Hauwe, Robin Wilms and Thomas Janssens from BDP Antwerp

  • Andrew McLoone, Andrew McNamara and Alexander Kuzyk from BDP Philadelphia

“The quality of the final presentations demonstrates the exceptional level of talent we have here at BDP,” reflects Lyssy. “The fact that our shareholders decided to fund all three of the ideas and allow the teams to be the project leaders to make their ideas a reality speaks volumes about our culture, and shows the tone is set at the top!”