Customer Service Week 2018: A final reflection

In honor of Customer Service Week (CSW), we asked BDP's Brand Ambassadors to reflect on the true meaning of customer service and what it takes to provide the BDP Experience to our customers. Although CSW has concluded, we hear some final words of reflection from Fiorella Coloma, Logistics Coordinator in BDP's Lima, Peru, office: 

For our team in Peru, CSW is very special to us. Throughout the week, we get together in different capacities to celebrate the efforts we put forth each and every day to provide our wonderful customers with the best customer service experience. The team organized events centered around fun, teamwork, and most importantly, serving our local community. 

At BDP, we are honored to have the chance to give back to our community, and in honor of CSW, we spent some time at a local children’s hospital. We had the chance to sit with the children and share laughs and stories; it’s difficult to say who had a better time. It was such a special opportunity for us, and a true reminder of what service really is. Service is always more impactful when you give more than you receive.

To me, service means giving of yourself for others, but this week reminded me that this extends beyond the realm of customer service.

It’s a part of our daily interactions, whether at home or work, with friends or family. I am thankful to work in an environment where I am with people who are like my family each and every day, who share the same values and beliefs, and who give our best so that we can be the best!