Growing better. Growing stronger.

CEO Rich Bolte, COO Mike Andaloro, CFO Todd Dooley, Latin America MD Hector Midolo, and the BDP Argentina team.

Music is the poetry of every generation, it tells stories in ways that words could never accurately express and can even help us to better understand concepts. How to best articulate an imperative like innovation? Well, we could download any one of a million videos, blogs, books on the topic or you could simply listen to “Colors of the Wind” from the movie, “Pocahontas.” When one ponders the abstract of “painting with the colors of the wind,” it is easy to relate it to the impossibility of most game-changing ideas. Of course, music can’t create our future, only we can. Our actions will define us, and if great enough, perhaps a song will emerge that will forever link those who contributed to the great tale of our success. (For example, it could be said that the song, “Home” by Philip Phillips defined a certain era of BDP and kicked off the whole notion of BDP as a home and family).

As we embark on the next chapter of our growth, we will need to think differently about the world. The unrelenting pressure to be the best, to challenge the status quo, to change, and to listen better to the heartbeat of a new world is ever-present. Yet we are afforded this unique opportunity to continue based on the strength of our well-established and powerful culture. Our home echoes with the efforts of its foundational heroes that has forged a path for a new generation of leaders. All that got us to this point, now merely a starting point for creating something unique and special for the times in which we live.

We can make a difference. We will delight, we will execute, we will move with a sense of urgency, and we will innovate. 

The opportunities for expansion, growth, and innovation have never been more abundant. BDP’s story has been a remarkable one, but much of our story remains unwritten.

Make no mistake: 2019 is our year. We’re not just growing better, we’re growing stronger.