How BDP designs and delivers seamless execution for Welmed

For a company like Welmed that manufactures disposable medical supplies used by health care providers and patients daily, there is no room for error with delivery during "normal" times, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic.

When one of Welmed's end customers required faster delivery of products, Welmed sought the expertise of BDP to meet these new specifications. BDP developed a unique solution that eliminated the challenges associated with short lead and transportation times by deploying the use of warehouse storage in a key location for the customer.

By doing so, the need to pay premium charges associated with expedited LCL shipments was eliminated, and a consolidation program was introduced to merge multiple vendors from China while maximizing ocean container volume. 

Team members from BDP China worked with several of Welmed’s vendors on an origin consolidation program specific to this US customer, which allowed for the movement of Full Container Loads (FCLs) from multiple vendors directly to the Port of Houston. The team in Houston organized a system to store excess inventory and strategically choose which custom orders would ship on a bi-weekly basis for next day delivery to the end customer, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced cycle time for Welmed. 

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“BDP’s global network and broad service offerings provided Welmed the right solution at the right time. We were able to put a plan in place and execute it with the support of BDP’s global team, and the results have proven to bebeneficial for all stakeholders,” noted David Pearlman, Vice President, Logistics & Inventory Management, Welmed.