Leading our commitment to sustainability: the Green Leaf Award

Bob Van Buren, Regional Director of North Europe, accepts the Green Leaf Award for 2018 from Johan Dewachter, Regulatory Compliance Executive - Europe
  • An initiative must be efficient and effective; with the betterment of the environment, society and economics in mind.  

  • The benefits must be clearly outlined; including metrics/results that highlight the environmental/social and economic savings.

  • An initiative must be a proven and established project, and more than a conceptual idea.

  • It may be a project that has been implemented for years, yet other offices/regions can benefit from the existing initiative.

As sustainability is one of BDP’s core values, this is a concrete way to practice what we preach, while calling attention to the efforts and endeavors by BDP employees to create a more environmentally friendly workplace. We encourage our employees to think outside of the proverbial box and think about how processes can be changed for the better.