7 Regulatory Compliance Webinars to Sharpen Your Skills

More and more, companies are putting a major focus on compliance and how to formulate strategies to incorporate best practices into their supply chains. With a myriad of changing regulations, navigating the proverbial waters of international shipping has never proved to be more challenging. 

In the new reality of today’s world, it’s essential to be well-versed in regulatory practices so that your business - and your customers - can thrive.

At BDP International, compliance is at the forefront of how we do business, each and every day. We work directly with our customers to review their supply chains, offering enhancements, best practices, and opportunities for improvement. 

Additionally, we offer a series of complimentary webinars to educate our customers on some of the basics for managing their supply chains. With topics like Role of the Customhouse Broker, Red Flags for Exporters, Managing the Entry Process, and AEO and CTPAT Mutual Recognition, our experts cover what you need to know. 

Here are seven upcoming webinars to help you sharpen your compliance skills and build an effective -and compliant - global supply chain strategy:


1. What is the role of my CHB?

We’ll offer our insights on how to build a good partnership with your broker and best practices for making successful entries: 
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2. Federal Trade Commission's rules with regard to using "Made in the USA" 

Should a producer or manufacturer voluntarily label goods as "Made in the USA"? We will discuss Federal Trade Commissions rules with regard to using "Made in the USA" statements in products and in advertising, and how they can intersect or conflict with CBP country of origin labeling rules.

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3. The US and EU’s Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) 

The MRA between EU Customs and the US’s CTPAT helps promote end-to-end supply chain security for manufacturers and exporters. Learn how your business could benefit from this agreement.

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4. The Harmonized Tariff System 

This session will review the importance of the global harmonized system (HS) and how countries use it as a basis for their own Harmonized Tariff Systems. 
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5. How to effectively manage your post-entry process 

Need a little refresher on your import post-entry process? We’ll go over the latest process improvements so you can stay up-to-date on managing your entries. 
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6. The European Commission’s 'Preferential Origin' 

Did you know the EU has arrangements with certain countries, which allows preferential duty rates to be claimed on goods traded between these countries? If you want to learn more about this, this webinar is for you!
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7. Red flags indicators for export transactions

We’ll walk you through top red flag indicators to look out for to keep your supply chain compliant and running smoothly. 

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