Pharmacom Italia: a reflection

A few weeks ago, BDP International sponsored PharmacomItalia, an industry conference with an intense focus on the pharmaceuticals industry. 

PharmacomItalia was born from a simple idea: A platform to bring together the different players across the pharmaceutical production and logistics chain with shared needs, experience and vision. Pharmaceutical producers must comply with quality requirements at a high level and conform to regulatory models (WHO, EU, GDP etc.). They require specialized logistics services at the same high level, already present in Europe with qualified companies with capacity and technical competence equal to or at a higher level of logistics.

PharmacomItalia is an Italian technical community of logistics experts, specialized in pharmaceutical products and is the first platform for the sharing and exchange of "best practices" in the end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics industry. 

The event aims to feed reciprocal know-how, stimulate technical working groups, encourage reciprocal visits to production facilities or service platforms (airports, sea ports 2nd line warehouses), to promote conforming qualification models in the logistics chain, and to work together to implement qualitatively superior logistics services models.

Related to this topic, BDP was chosen by a participant customer who mentioned BDP as a reference explaining how the selection and qualification process works.

Our customer brought to light that while cost is crucial, other factors come into play during the selection process such as expertise and quality, and often take priority.

The event included five educational workshops and networking events with logistics providers and pharmaceuticals companies.

The life sciences and healthcare industry present unique supply chain challenges. The industry ecosystem is inherently complex, complicated by stringent regulations and the need for impeccable product integrity. Visibility is absolutely critical for companies in the industry, and while cost is always important, it must be balanced by other needs such as quality, compliance, and risk management. This is a key success for BDP in the last three years while approaching Life science & Healthcare industry.

We look forward to attending more events like PharmacomItalia in the coming year to continue the discussions and dialogue about best practices for the industry.