Maintain product availability and mitigate cost through Delay in Transit

We live in a new reality where disruptions cause a huge economic shift.

Our customers continue to produce, ship, and more than ever have the need to oversee their end-to-end supply chains while maintaining high-level delivery reliability. Delay in Transit (DIT) solutions enable businesses to make rapid close to market decisions while taking advantage of existing carrier agreements and eliminating potential blind spots. DIT becomes an active part of their supply chain cycle.

Large volume customers have a tendency to ship based on assumptions and therefore may operate in a reactive state when it comes to global disruptions or market challenges.

Current challenges:

  • Limited “on-site” storage capacity
  • Congested ports of origin
  • Unreliable forecast
  • Unpredictable sales or limited demand


With BDP International’s Delay in Transit (DIT) solution, transshipment locations become active and beneficial components of the supply chain. DIT creates enhanced visibility and establishes a carefully controlled mechanism to a previously considered blind spot in the supply chain.

Added benefits:

  • Shorter lead times in “point to customer”
  • Reduced demurrage/detention costs (Origin vs DIT location)
  • Significantly improve upon delivery expectations  
  • DIT support from multiple ocean carriers


We are pleased to offer a Delay in Transit whitepaper to provide an in-depth look at the benefits of the program. This provides the complete analysis your business needs to identify potential opportunities to better serve our globally operating customers through DIT. Add significant value to your supply chain today, and download the whitepaper here.