Talking Trade: A 2021 Round-Up and 2022 Outlook

Erin Scott

Erin Scott

Communications Manager

2021 - what a year. Just when the supply chain world thought brighter times were ahead in the wake of 2020's challenges, 2021 ushered in the ongoing global pandemic (but also a vaccine!) the Ever Given crisis in the Suez Canal, historic capacity restraints, unprecedented backlogs and port congestion, a new US administration, changes to regulations (TSA screening mandate, reinstated China 301 tariffs, elimination of 301 tariffs on EU goods, to name a few), and those are just a handful of the major happenings.

In our most recent episode of Talking Trade, Michael Ford - VP of Government and Industry Affairs sat down with me (via Zoom, of course) to talk through some of the biggest happenings of this year, from MTB updates to Free Trade Agreements and what US shippers are saying about port congestion and its ongoing effect on their supply chains. Michael provides an analysis on some recent developments with several of the topics BDP has covered this year and also takes a moment to gaze into his crystal ball for some predictions about 2022. 

Be sure to tune in below for a comprehensive review into 2021, along with an important discussion on key issues that will continue to impact shippers well into the new year.