Talking Trade: COVID-19 and European chemical logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rattle global supply chains, as companies struggle to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers in the wake of growing capacity shortages, canceled flights, small pools of truck drivers, and border closures, to name a few. 

Europe in particular, has been faced with an alarming number of cases and varying government restrictions and quarantine measures put in place in an attempt to slow the spread. Some of the biggest chemical companies operate and produce products (many of which are considered "essential" in the fight against COVID-19) within different countries of Europe, and are faced with new challenges each day as the crisis rapidly evolves.

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, Yves Letange, Managing Director - Europe, and Mr. Joost Naessens, Director of Transport and Logistics for the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), discuss some of the current challenges in place for chemical companies along with best practices and recommendations for businesses to keep in mind (hint: communication is key!) during these times of uncertainty.

Additionally, we review recent actions taken by the EU, local authorities, and CEFIC, as well as some initial lessons learned from this outbreak that may prove to be beneficial for companies with future planning and forecasting.

Tune in below for the full episode.