Talking Trade: COVID-19 and ocean freight, capacity, and recovery

There is no question that the coronavirus COVID-19 has been an unprecedented event for both the world at large, and the world of supply chains. As the numbers continue to escalate around the world and uncertainty looms, many experts are comparing this incident to the financial crisis of 2008 as markets fluctuate with the ever-changing developments.

The ocean freight industry, in particular, is especially susceptible to these recent events, as carriers have struggled to maintain equilibrium in the wake of blank sailings and capacity imbalances, with no signs of a slowdown anytime soon. 

In our latest episode, VP of Solutions Neil Wheeldon interviews Lars Jensen, CEO of Sea Intelligence Consulting about the recent developments with the "roller coaster" of COVID-19, how ocean carriers are responding, lessons learned from the financial crisis, and what the big picture looks like for the long-term effects of this pandemic. 

Tune in below for the full episode.