Talking Trade: COVID-19 and the airfreight industry

Since the end of January, the coronavirus now known as COVID-19 has sickened hundreds of thousands across the globe, and put a new level of strain on global supply chains as the industry struggles to keep up with consumer demand. In particular, the airfreight industry has been left especially vulnerable with governments closing borders, decreased capacity, and cancellations through the next few months. 

In our latest episode of Talking Trade, I discuss the current state of affairs with some of the top subject matter experts on airfreight: Mike White, President -  Cargo Network Services, an IATA company; Kevin Connor, VP of Airfreight - BDP International, and Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs - BDP International.

We take an in-depth look at the current life cycle of air shipments, how IATA is responding to the current global pandemic, steps shippers can take to keep their freight moving, and the importance of two-way communication and transparency with partners during these times of uncertainty. 

For the full discussion, tune in below.