Talking Trade: The Trade Topics that Shaped 2022 and What to Expect in 2023

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Erin Scott

Erin Scott

Communications Manager

2022: the year that was supposed to bring normalcy after its challenging predecessors. But as we learned in the early months of this year, it would be anything but. With continued lockdowns due to ongoing COVID-19 effects, geopolitical tensions and sanctions, capacity restraints, rising costs, port congestion, the threat of rail strikes, and a new shipping act...the list goes on and on. 

To understand how these topics impacted supply chains, I sat down with Michael Ford - VP of Government and Industry Affairs to gain his insight and perspective. During our conversation, Michael shared updates and points of note on these important issues that affected shippers in 2022, and what to keep in mind as we shift into 2023.

Tune in below for Michael’s comprehensive analysis on key items such as: Anti-Boycott regulations, what shippers had to say about demurrage and detention charges, BIS and export controls, IMO 2023, Section 301 tariffs, and more!