The top 5 ways to produce positive results in the workplace

Make your mission and vision statements the roadmap for success

  • Our mission, vision, and core values are what shape and define our path as an organization. Without a clearly defined belief system, it can be difficult to procure an overall strategy. We ensure each and every employee understands the importance of practicing what we preach and living our values. Without this overall awareness, it can be quite challenging to have employees rally around a company cause.

Assemble the right team

  • To lead the organization into the next great success, it’s imperative that your team shares the value system of the enterprise. Our company culture is part of what differentiates us. A CEO can wax poetic about the company’s values and beliefs, but if his or her teams across the company do not practice and reinforce the value system, the organization will crumble. At BDP, our 4,850 family members across the globe not only share our belief system, they practice and lead by example in a variety of ways.

Define role clarity

  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Like a well-oiled machine, every member of a company plays an integral role in the overall success of that organization. But if one part of our family falters, it will have a cascading impact on the entire organization. No matter what title an employee holds, he or she must be properly informed and made aware of the expectations of that role. Role clarity is the first step to acceptance of responsibility and accountability. We can expect success, but without providing clearly defined parameters, that success will remain elusive.

Accept accountability and responsibility, and encourage your leadership to do the same

  • Whether it’s a successful project implementation or an initiative that didn’t quite take off, taking responsibility must be the very fabric of any successful organization. A company blessed with a culture of this nature ensures that wins will be celebrated and failures analyzed. Companies that have role clarity and teammates who accept responsibility and accountability for those roles have no tolerance for assigning blame. There are only opportunities to celebrate or learn.


  • Simply stated, everyone loves a winner. Having the ability to actually deliver on a strategic plan renews the cycle, in turn attracting others to join in the celebration and success. As such, others bring new ideas, creativity, and diversity. So it is possible to create a cycle of winning that continues to attract the best and brightest further diversifying the organization and further driving it forward.