Top 5 real-time freight visibility software features

Neil Wheeldon

Neil Wheeldon

Chief Digital and Product Strategy Officer

What is real-time freight visibility software?

Real-time freight visibility software allows supply chain managers to track their shipments and make informed decisions on inventory planning and customer service decisions. Software has become a staple in the industry with a plethora of different offerings available to users. However, with varying capabilities, accuracy, pricing, and features we recommend evaluating these five features when selecting a digital platform for your business:

1. Predictive ETA

Predictive ETA in real-time freight visibility software platforms (Link to previous Predictive ETA blog) gives an approximate timeline for a shipment based on data collected from vessels, ports, and satellites. Algorithms factor in disruptions like port delays and inclement weather to create the best possible prediction for when cargo will arrive. Predictive ETA helps create better supply chain visibility to control costs and improve customer service.

2. Geofencing

Geofencing allows users to monitor updates or notify others based on pre-defined areas on a map. In freight visibility software, geofencing helps the platform determine when an event happens based on live data. For example, anytime a shipment moves outside of a warehouse’s geofence, it can begin being tracked as in-transit to its next location.

3. Alerts

While it may seem like a simple feature for any freight visibility platform, alerts are the most important channel of communication for notifying users. Alerts can range from simple updates on shipment location to crucial information on delays.

4. Exception Management

Freight exceptions are events that change the expected time of arrival for a shipment. Geopolitical disruptions and even carrier performance can qualify as freight exceptions, and successfully managing them is a determining factor in how smoothly a supply chain operates. Exception management gives users the ability to respond in the best way possible to manage the disruption.

5. CO2 Reporting

While it may have historically been a bonus feature, CO2 reporting has been a necessity for many companies for years now. With sustainability quickly becoming a core differentiator for supply chain management companies, features like CO2 reporting are a key element in every freight visibility platform.

Exploring the full package of real-time freight visibility with Smart Navigator

BDP Smart Navigator is a freight visibility digital platform designed and developed by our supply chain experts to meet the current and future needs of an ever-changing global supply chain landscape. In today’s unpredictable world, we understand that a high-care supply chain requires the most modern technologies to deliver visibility, manage complexity and predict the future in the most challenging market conditions. For a better look at how Smart Navigator’s features optimize your supply chain, request a demo.

BDP Smart Navigator: Predictive ETA Platform for Supply Chain Visibility mockup on computer screen.