Top BDP blogs of 2019

As we approach the end of another calendar year, we're taking this time to reflect on some of the most popular BDP blogs from 2019. From a podcast on Incoterms 2020 to an analysis on IoT changing the game for the supply chain, here are the most read articles in 2019:

Talking Trade: Tariffs and Incoterms

In the first edition of our Talking Trade podcast, Corporate Communications Manager Erin Scott interviews Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs about the churning international trade wars and what potential implications this could lead to with Incoterms 2020.

Adapting supply chains for increased consumer demand and same day shipping

Same-day and next-day shipping options are increasing, and consumers’ are beginning to desire expedited shipping options with minimal delay. Through new technologies, space optimization, and supply chain auditing, there are various ways companies can adapt to this demand. Neil Wheeldon, VP of Solutions reviews.

Sustainable solutions: How a LEARN Project led to reduced carbon emissions for FMC

BDP International and FMC teamed up on a LEARN Project, focused on measuring emissions using the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework and identifying opportunities for increased efficiencies on selected trade lanes.

Changing the supply chain game with IoT technology

Adopting IoT technology will help optimize the efficiency of the entire supply chain, a game-changer for logistics managers.

Talking Trade: Sustainability and Transportation

The transportation industry is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Global Sustainability Manager, Maureen Malia, discusses current trends and how companies within the supply chain industry are seeking alternative solutions to combat their carbon footprint.

Choosing an effective Incoterm for your routed order

Torsten Helk, Manager Hazardous Materials/Export Compliance, reviews how to effectively select the proper incoterm for routed international shipments.

With broad sector appeal, the First Sale rule offers reduced Customs duties

Randy Holtzapple discusses how the First Sale rule can result in significant savings for importers.

What is the Generalized System of Preference?

Michael Ford, Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, reviews what the Generalized System of Preference is and how businesses can use GSP to take advantage of cost savings.

Placard problems

Tom Helk, Manager-Hazardous Materials/Export Compliance, discusses a heated industry topic: who is responsible for removing placards from empty containers?


Thanks for being a part of our 2019 blogs, we look forward to publishing more great content for our readers in 2020. 

In the meantime, Happy Holidays from everyone at BDP International!