Washington Round-Up 2022

Erin Scott

Erin Scott

Communications Manager

Since the Biden Administration took office, there have (to no surprise) been countless policy reforms and updates to previous regulations and legislations that were put in place during previous administrations. However, in the second half of 2021 and now well into 2022, one thing that has been apparent is the commitment of the Biden/Harris Administration’s focus on easing supply chain disruption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges the industry has faced in the past several years. 

From Biden's mention of industry crackdown during the SOTU to the recent announcement of the FLOW initiative, The White House is set on supporting the needs of the supply chain industry so that there may be better open communication between stakeholders that will result in greater success for all.  

In a recent discussion with Michael Ford – VP of Government and Industry Affairs, we review some of the pressing issues that are up for debate and how these legislative items will have a major impact on both shippers and the transportation industry as a whole. From sustainability initiatives, tariffs and port congestion to a possible IWLU strike and the Ocean Shipping Reform Act; Michael gives an in-depth overview of some of the biggest agenda items in Washington, and what regulations companies may be able to leverage to ease some of the current challenges. 

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