What is predictive ETA and how does it help my ocean freight shipments?

BDP Smart Navigator: Predictive ETA Platform for Supply Chain Visibility mockup on computer screen.
Neil Wheeldon

Neil Wheeldon

Chief Digital and Product Strategy Officer

How does ocean freight predictive ETA work?

The predictive ETA feature in BDP’s Smart Navigator platform provides shippers with the best possible prediction given the information available. Smart Navigator uses data transmitted from ports, satellites, and ship-to-ship signals to track the estimated position of vessels containing the tracked cargo. Unlike most event-based tracking systems, Smart Navigator offers real-time visibility on the vessel, with the overall intention of supporting customers to deliver.

Smart Navigator was the first live visibility platform with predictive ETA to use API connections with a number of the world's largest ocean freight carriers.

Benefits of predictive ocean shipment technology

Reduce expenses

Using a predictive ETA lowers uncertainty and helps keep supply chains running smoothly with lower wasted overhead

Better forecasting

Plan ahead, with real-time expectations for inventory arrival

Enhanced visibility

Know where cargo is at all times to proactively plan for any disruptions

Simplified complexity

Integrates various data channels to deliver a cohesive view of the shipment’s journey in order to make informed decisions

Improved customer service

Gain a better understanding of where goods are and when they will arrive to correctly manage customer expectations

Smart Navigator uses predictive ETA to help your supply chain

BDP Smart Navigator was designed and developed by our supply chain experts to meet the current and future needs of an ever-changing global supply chain landscape. In today’s unpredictable world, we understand that a high-care supply chain requires the most modern technologies to deliver visibility, manage complexity and predict the future in the most challenging market conditions.

Smart Navigator’s predictive ETA capability is generated by combining carrier event data, carrier schedule information, and AIS tracking details. Navigator also integrates data in a timely manner to provide an accurate plot for the projected arrival, and the collective data is then placed through BDP’s proprietary algorithms to produce the ETA. For a better look at how Smart Navigator makes your supply chain more predictable, request a demo below.

Live version of ocean freight predictive ETA.

What is real-time freight visibility software?

Real-time freight visibility software allows supply chain managers to track their shipments and make informed decisions on inventory planning and customer service decisions. Software has become a staple in the industry with a plethora of different offerings available to users. However, with varying capabilities, accuracy, pricing, and features we recommend evaluating these five features when selecting a digital platform for your business: