BDP Business Continuity Status

An up to date record of the operational status within our organization

We at BDP International want to keep you, our customers, apprised of the operational status within the organization as it relates to COVID-19. Our global and regional Business Continuity Teams are actively monitoring and keeping pace with the developments in all affected locations where BDP operates.

All BDP offices are operational.

For the latest regional alerts, visit our news page.

The various BCP measures enacted in response to COVID-19 include, but are not limited to, remote working, split shifts, and restricting visitor access to BDP facilities. If you have a question regarding a specific location, please reach out to your local BDP representative for more information. 

In situations like this, the safety of our BDP employees is first and foremost, our top priority. 

BDP will continue to assess the health situation and relevant government advisories in deciding whether to escalate any preventative measures. 

You can count on BDP to share ongoing status updates and news alerts as they become available.