Keeping the lines of trade moving

Because your customers can't afford delays.

As one of the industry’s leading import brokers, we at PSA BDP fully understand the necessity for a fluid supply chain that can’t afford any delays.

Our team has a global reach, with local expertise, providing unparalleled insight and experience to help our customers mitigate any foreseeable supply chain interruptions.

We work closely with government agencies to ensure adherence to the strict standards and regulations set forth to move your cargo in an expeditious manner. Our import company services span from origin freight forwarding to Customs House Brokerage, and we also offer disciplined SOPs, stringent pre- and post-shipment audit processes, and a dedicated logistics company team who has completed extensive training courses on import and trade compliance.

The world of international trade leaves no room for error.

Let our team of experts deliver the certainty your business needs.

Key Services

  • Customhouse brokerage services

  • Transition planning

  • Electronic profiles (importer, suppliers, commodities)

  • Special entry requirements

  • Free Trade Agreements

  • Paperless filing

  • Pre-and post-shipment audit

  • Importer Security Filing: 10+2

  • Freight forwarding services

  • Foreign inland freight

  • Air transport

  • Ocean transport

  • US domestic services


  • CHB

Technology Solutions

Visibility is key

Our Smart® technology allows for complete end-to-end visibility, keeping you in control of your supply chain.